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Meet Memora Health, complex care management, backed by a16z, Transformation Capital and Contrary

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Meet the founders of Memora Health

Manav Sevak

Manav is the co-founder and CEO of Memora Health. Prior to starting Memora Health, Manav spent years conducting research in health economics, cancer metabolomics and computational biology.

Kunaal Naik

Kunaal is the co-founder and CTO of Memora Health. Prior to starting Memora Health, Kunaal was a software engineer at VMWare and Google.

Why Memora Health is a Startup Search Favorite

Contrary first invested in Memora Health back in 2018, when the founders were just graduating from the Y Combinator Accelerator. We met Manav Sevak and co-founder Kunaal Naik at Georgia Tech and were immediately impressed with their product. Together with Harvard Med student Nisarg Patel, the three were attempting to solve one of the costliest and most time-consuming issues in healthcare: managing patient care and communication. We were inspired by their commitment to help improve patient care management in a way that will allow hospitals and healthcare providers to save money while saving lives. Four years on, the three students have graduated and are still working together as leaders of Memora Health. Their product is being used by the Boston Medical Center, Stanford Health Care, and Penn Medicine.

Top Roles at Memora Health

Q&A with Manav

Why did you start Memora Health?

The challenges of complex care delivery really hit home for me and my co-founders when a close friend of ours was diagnosed with a severe chronic condition. Watching him struggle to keep track of his medications and dietary restrictions, monitor his symptoms, and navigate a mess of printouts, pill-bottle labels, Google searches and endless waits on hold inspired us to come up with a solution.

Even with patients at the center of operations for health systems, it was clear that patients had too many questions and doctors had too little time. Our healthcare system does not have the infrastructure necessary to manage patients outside the walls of the clinic — leaving patients lost in their healthcare journeys and care teams frustrated in their ability to do what they were trained to do.

How is Memora Health uniquely positioned?

Memora Health meets patients where they are — making healthcare more accessible, actionable, and always-on. Our intelligent platform digitizes and automates complex care workflows, making them simple for patients and clinicians to navigate.

Memora extends care beyond the four walls of healthcare by delivering clinical guidance, educational content, and any number of clinical and non-clinical interventions to patients securely and automatically through a secure, SMS-powered platform. Memora also surfaces patient-reported insights to clinicians in a way that is actionable and clinically valuable; whether through an EHR integration or directly to a care team member's phone or email.

Memora has worked with over 50 healthcare organizations, and has seen tremendous traction and growth in just a few years’ time. For patients, Memora offers a best-in-class care experience resulting in 92% patient satisfaction rating and 91% patient retention rate. For clinicians, our platform has shown 2.5 hours saved per day per FTE, a 40% reduction in clinical notifications, and >90% clinician satisfaction rating.

How are you developing entry and mid-level talent?

One of Memora Health’s values is ‘Embrace Growth’ - this is expected of executives and entry level roles alike and Memora provides a learning and development stipend to all employees. For entry and mid-level talent, we try to invest in career development planning and find external mentors who could be valuable sounding boards for them. Memora also provides opportunities for shared learning and teaching - inviting any of our employees to present something to the whole company, whether related to their role or the product or a personal passion. Managers are also expected to be coaches for their employees and Memora Health puts all managers through an external training curriculum to create shared expectations and language around coaching, development, and feedback.

How would you describe Memora Health’s culture?

At Memora Health, we are focused on cultivating a community built on trust, fun, and authenticity. We want employees to bring their whole professional selves to work and feel both safe and valued in every space. Like any early stage company, we are quickly developing infrastructure to support all of our efforts and are building upon a strong foundation of committed and passionate individuals. We want to always be a place that our team wants to work, wants to stay, and wants to thrive as individuals and professionals.

Why should I join Memora Health right now?

Memora Health is a mission driven, fast-paced organization at an inflection point where we are coming out of stealth mode and entering a rapid growth phase. We are building something new, tangible, and solution oriented with a team of great and experienced colleagues. Everyone at Memora Health is empowered to build and grow with the company, allowing our team to see their impact both on the organization, but also directly impact patients and clinicians.

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