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About Us

Startup Search was built to give you the inside scoop on career-defining startups.

At each stage in your career, you're faced with tough questions.

Who's willing to take a chance on a scrappy new grad?
Will this startup succeed? How do I think about stock options?
What responsibilities will I take on?
Which high-growth startups could actually become the next Uber?
At Startup Search, we believe that emerging technology companies are the greatest source of both innovation for our society, and personal growth and opportunity for talent. So we set out to make the world's best startup roles as accessible as possible. On Startup Search, you can see lists of startups by sector, see all hyper-growth startups, and connect with the Contrary Talent team for personalized referrals and support.

Thank you for your interest in Startup Search. We wish you the best of luck in your job search!
The Startup Search Team

Startup Search is powered by Contrary, a network driven venture firm backed by the founders of Tesla, Reddit, Airbnb, and many other iconic companies.

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